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Zoning Considerations For The construction Of Office Buldings 



                The construction of office buildings is viewed positively within the overall planning process in the Greater Toronto Area , as these structures general municipal tax revenues and expand employment opportunities. They also provide effective buffers between retail commercial, residential and industrial areas. Planning considerations include the compatibility of any new project with existing structures, density issues given the concentration of people within one structure, the need for extensive parking facilities, added municipal responsibilities regarding fire and safety (particularly in the case of high-rise office towers), provision of municipal water/sewer, traffic generated given by such developments and accessibility, including roads and public transportation.


                Office buildings, as with other structures, are subject to restrictions imposed through zoning and land use control. General zoning provisions include restrictions that either directly affect the structure (e.g., gross floor area, height of structure and type of structure based on use ) or indirectly limit it (e.g, maximum lot coverage and/or various setback requirements dictating overall building size and shape). Commercial office properties may also be restricted in terms of minimum setback requirements relating to lands abutting major highways, railway lines and residential areas.

                Restrictions can also vary for a particular development or other defined area, over and above those stated in general zoning by-laws; e.g., a larger minimum size of building or site. Such restrictions typically arise by agreement with the municipality at time of development. Restrictions may also by imposed by the seller as part of an overall design strategy relating to development lands owned by that individual; e.g, architectural standards established for all buildings within a defined area.